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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Habla el Maestro

  • Entiendalo bien neocons!!!

  • Conservatism is contrary to the very nature of human acting. But it has always been the cherished program of the many, of the inert who dully resist every attempt to improve their own conditions which the minority of the alert initiate. In employing the term reactionary one mostly refers only to the aristocrats and priests who called their parties conservative. Yet the outstanding examples of the reactionary spirit were provided by other groups: by the guilds of artisans blocking entrance into their field to newcomers; by the farmers asking for tariff protection, subsidies and "parity prices"; by the wager earners hostile to technological improvements and fostering featherbedding and similar practices.
    The vain arrogance of the literati and Bohemian artists dismisses the activities of the businessmen as unintellectual moneymaking. The truth is that the entrepreneurs and promoters display more intellectual faculties and intuition than the average writer and painter. The inferiority of many self-styled intellectuals manifests itself precisely in the fact that they fail to recognize what capacity and reasoning power are required to operate successfully a business enterprise.


    • Que tiempos aquellos en que existía el comunismo, y se podía pensar en algo parecido a un "enemigo" sin tener la necesidad de inventarlo.
      Estoy nostálgico como conservador en formol.

      By Blogger MarcosKtulu, at 5:56 PM  

    • Te parece que despareció? Basta ver el peso que el estado tiene y el discurso políticamente correcto que tienen los políticos para convercerte de lo contrario.

      By Blogger MagnusGodmunsson, at 6:29 PM  

    • El estatismo existe hace rato, no lo inventó Marx. Pero esa lacra de un estado bolchevique que simbolice la solidaridad mundial mientras invade paises (como hace su rival), eso no existe mas.

      By Blogger MarcosKtulu, at 7:00 AM  

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